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The Choice - New Video

Free Download of The Choice

The Choice - by Kari Hilpert   

A song for my mom.

You were a strong one, how did you hold on

How did you go on alone

Nothing to hold you, but you were carrying me

And you had to see it was gonna be hard


But you made a choice you didn't have to make

You chose to keep me when others said you could make it go away

You could never see the choice you made then

Was gonna be a choice that changed it all

And I need to say, it's because of your strength I'm here today

I'm here at all

You had a hard road, juggling jobs

Dusk until dawn, so you could have your days

Because a little girl depended on your love

But you must have thought about sometimes giving up

A few years later you got the news, you could never have another

You'd never regretted your decision but now it meant more

2015 © Kari Hilpert  Hickory Town Music (ASCAP)

Piano/Vocals - Kari Hilpert

Cello - Tim Lorsch

CD's Available

CD Released in 2014

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About Kari


        I am a singer/songwriter living near Nashville, TN. I'm also a mother of four, recently finishing the chapter of homeschooling them for 25 years, and raising them all here on our dairy goat farm. 


        Songwriting has been a lifelong hobby and I love to sing out occasionally with my husband, Tom, and sometimes the whole family. We also enjoy doing house-concerts when we're invited to do them.


        For me, many of life’s struggles and joys seem to be processed through songs. If those songs can help others, it’s worth putting them out there. 


I'm available for house concerts,

(contact info below), and other events. 

March 1, 2020      Bluebird Cafe, Nashville         8:00 pm


Feb. 16, 2020      WMPL Annual Mtg. Worship     2:30 pm  


Oct. 6, 2019     Trinity Luth. Minnehaha, MN        10:30 am

Thank you - to those who have supported me in this journey. You have made it all possible!

I'm currently recording a new CD and will release singles as I finish them. If you wish to support this new project, here's the spot! 

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